Stephen Churchill Downes is a New York City-based photographer-filmmaker.

“Several years ago I brought my love of people and imagemaking to film, resulting in wonderful projects for various remarkable clients.  One of the most personally meaningful for me was Wild Horses’ Plight/Cana Foundation, which covered our national government’s heart-breaking roundup and devastating slaughter of 50,000+ wild horses on U.S. publicly-owned lands, a practice which continues to this day. We shot in and around Standing Rock Indian Reservation in North Dakota at the height of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) protests in late 2016.  Total immersion into Native Indian culture during this shoot led to my profound grasp of an utterly new perspective on living genuinely in conjunction with Nature.”

Stephen recently completed an intimate short film about the incredible sculptor Will Kurtz called I Have No Fucking Idea What The Hell I Am Doing In This World. He is currently in production on a short film - tentatively called Helen! - about the delightfully opinionated Helen Gallagher, now 86, who was a 1950’s dancer in high-end nightclubs and toured with the USO during the Korean War. She also happens to have been the first true love of Sammy Davis, Jr.

Stephen has also directed, shot and cut several music videos.